Monday, August 10, 2009

In Progress

It's not very pretty right now, but I'm working on vamping this place up just a bit. I'm not in often, but as I like playing with graphics, it'll be a fun thing to come in once in a while and goof. Trying to get it to three columns... that part isn't going well at the moment... lol! But I've gotten a couple of graphics changed out. Got a new little pawprint background on the right and I've changed that plain little arrow by each post title to a cute little pointing finger I made. :)

And I don't see a post on this... guess I never got around to getting in here. My sister made an etsy site! She's made four sales so far. She's sold two beds on ebay and two in Catster auctions to raise money. Three of the four went to the family of Taz, Ko, etc... they recently lost a member, Boots. I do hope Taz, Ko and Marvel Ann shared their nap mats with him and he liked. Hazel Lucy got the other as a gift from another kitty for all she and her mom do on Catster. So far the reviews are good. The kitties are enjoying the nap mats/toys. Still trying to get the word out so maybe she'll sell more. Smudge is loving it though... he really enjoys Debbie crocheting... he gets to play with the yarn and snatches the occasional toy for himself... lol!

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