Friday, August 21, 2009

Vamp Still in Progress

Well, I found a design I like, but just found an issue... the bar at the top that gives me access to the dashboard isn't there... lmao! I have to go to to get to the link to make a post... don't know if I'll bother to find a way to fix it or just leave it like it is... not like I'm in here that much...

Still tending the outdoor kitties. Got an email in to my vet to see if they know of anyone who does trap neuter release in the area. Also if they do or know of anyone who does spays/neuters for ferals. I don't have the means to keep them confined after surgery... that's a bigger issue for me than the cost really. I don't want to trap them and have it done only to release them and have something go wrong and there be nothing I can do about it. It would be a girl that took up here and she would have a daughter... ~sigh~ Spot is a gorgeous little girl. She's getting braver about not running when I come out, but still no way to get hold of her. I've taken one of the girls wands out and tried to play with her a bit, but she isn't interested. They play with the stuffed mice I put outside, but only when I'm not looking... lol!! Her brother Tabb is still extremely skittish. They see me petting Gremlin when he comes by but don't seem interested in getting any pets themselves.

Nothing much else going around here. Getting ready for the cook-out in September. It's a community/friend/family thing we have every year. We used to cook a whole pig, but one year we got a bad one. After that disaster we started just getting big hams and cooking those. It starts on Friday afternoon and goes all night with the BBQ ready around noon that Saturday. The fun part is that night and hanging out. That Saturday is the only time I see a lot of my relatives. I've got a couple of friends I invite from work who show sometimes. No Catster families live that close to me so none of them to come.

Off to be bored I guess. Kind of sucks that school has started back...

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  1. LOVE this new layout! Super cute. Good luck trapping the kitties.