Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tattoo Time!

There are three on the menu.

One is ivy, just not traditional. I don't know why, but I've always loved stuff with ivy leaves. And I've thought of a way to incorporate that into a tattoo. Just gotta get someone to draw it for me. It'll start on the top edge of my shoulder and go down my upper arm to my elbow. Have to keep it shorter than I wanted since work is getting pissy about visible tattoos. Instead of the leaves being green, each one will be coloured like my cats. Black, white, black/white, classic/mackerel/spotted/agouti tabby (all with white except the mackerel, which will be with cream), silver/blue, orange/black and orange/black/white. :) Also, there will be three forget-me-nots in there somewhere, one black/white, one rust/white and one cream/black. The flowers are for the dogs I've had. Can't leave them out!!

My brother always loved wolves. If he'd ever gotten one, he would have gotten a wolf tat. So in memory of him, that'll be what I get. I'll have to look through the stock stuff and just hope I don't pick out something everyone else has. I've got an idea in mind, but know no one who can draw well enough to do it. I want the wolf in profile, not howling. I want the edges misted, not defined. Black/gray drawing with a tear in/near his eye. Not sure if I want the tear blue or red though. It'll have Mitchell T Bowers 1966-2011 under it. I'm hoping to get that in block script, kind of like you see on blue prints. Mitchell was good at drafting.

The third one... not sure how I'll get it. There was someone I love. Yep, still do. He died at 17 and will always remain the love of my life. Even if it's a fantasy in my head, it's still MY fantasy. I believe we would have ended up together, but who knows really. I recently asked his mother what would be a good idea for a tattoo in his memory. She said he loved dirt bikes. But it's hard to find an image of a bike to suit what I had in mind for the tattoo originally. Looking at various images, I saw several that were tread patterns. Dirt bikes have a specific kind of tread, right? So that's an idea. The text for it I'm somewhat unsure on as well. Do I want his full name or just initials? Just the years or full dates? Part of the text I know though. "Within his soul's warmth, my heart will always abide" I'm thinking it was the winter before he died, but it may have been the year before. My memories from before he died are very sketchy. Mitchell and Johnny were outside, I'm thinking shooting off fireworks. I was with them, but got cold. I asked Johnny to hold Winky (small, stray black kitten/cat) while I went in for my coat (burgundy Members Only). When I came back out, I didn't see Winky. When I asked, Johnny pulled him from his coat (black Members Only) and said he was keeping him warm. I honestly thing that's where my cat obsession comes from. Somewhat unconsciously, but still rooted in that sweet memory. It's the clearest I have of him.

In two days, I'll be at the tattoo parlor with some friends. I've got a couple of tattoos that could use a bit of touching up, but I really hope I'm able to get one of the last two done. It won't be the ivy one as I haven't gotten it drawn yet. That one I KNOW I want custom drawn, not stock. The other two, I think I can take something stock and have it altered a bit to suit me. :)

Edit*The freaking place was closed!! The only place in Monroe open on Saturday mornings and the one Saturday we go up, they decide they have something else to do. ~sigh~ Here's to catching them next month on a long weekend off.

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