Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Did I Do This?

I actually joined Plenty of Fish. You know, the 'dating' site? I actually put up a picture so that should keep most away. Ha!

I'm tired of not having anyone to hang out with. Problem is, it only searches or matches based on sex. I have to set the thing to think I'm a guy to search. Did find a guy I used to know at work and dropped him a line to say hi and that I hope he's doing good. Miss the goofball. But even setting it for male/male, there aren't a lot around here and most of those are looking for hook-ups, not friends.

I hate writing those profile things. I ramble a lot in what I posted, but I think I was pretty truthful. I've gotten two messages. One was from a black guy and I'm just not up for that at the moment. The last black guy I was with still holds my heart pretty much even though I can't have him. It's like he's the end of that choice for me. So I'm looking for white guys... though there was a sexy as sin indian guy (Native American to be politically correct). The other message I got was from a white guy. It said high school education, but I wonder. My gods! His spelling was like third grade atrocious! Strikes me as one of those good old boys who just doesn't care. And speaking of good old boys... they're all over that freaking site! Practically all of them... hunting, fishing, sports, the river, their motorcycle, their horses, going out on 4 wheelers, etc. Just SO not my cup of tea. I want someone to hang with that I actually have stuff in common with. Preferably gay as that takes any kind of sex issues right out of the equation off the bat.

And I do see that I tend to have more in common with those much younger than me. Kind of figured I would actually. I don't really fit into the mold of, basically, a middle-aged woman. I'm less than a year from 40 and my brain hasn't even gotten to 30 yet. Hell, my brain barely to 21... lol!

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