Monday, December 31, 2012

End of a Long Year

Well, it's all over but the fireworks. I'm trying to look back and find good things in this year. Not easy. Lilly is still with me, though she's still very sick. My roof (for the moment) isn't leaking thanks to my sister's husband patching two places on it. I've still got a job, even though the check doesn't cover what I need it to. I've still got nine kitties in the house to make me smile. I've got a home and a truck. I've got my mama and sister and her family. I've read bunches of really good books and found new authors I like.

Politically, I was able to smile seeing same-sex marriage legalized in a few more states. Got to see pot legalized in a couple of places. Wish both were where I live!! I've seen people make great strides towards equality and freedom.

I've read some good blogs, seen lots of funny pictures, and gotten to adore friends' kitties from wonderful pics and videos.

I do hope for next year to be better, for myself and everyone else. If you're out celebrating tonight, have a designated driver or a way to get home. Be safe and have a fun new year!