Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Possible additions

Zilla snoozing in the comfy new bed from my sister Debbie. She made it as a kind of experiment really. She said she started and undid it and restarted several times to come up with the design. There's no pattern or anything.

I'm hoping she'll want to make some to sell so I'm trying to talk her into it. She'll be out of work next month when the company she works for moves out of state, so depending on what she decides to do next, she might have some time to make more.

This is Lilly knocked out in the bed. I'll have to get the specifics of what kind of yarn she used and all that. It's two colours because she didn't have enough of the purple to do what she ended up coming up with for the design.

This is Kittanna settled into the bed. It's mostly her territory. She claimed it the instant I put it on the couch! Strangely enough, it was originally made with Taillee in mind, but she's the only one I've yet to catch napping in it... LMAO!! Taillee prefers her heated bed to pretty much anything I guess. But Kittanna hardly even wants to sleep with ME anymore after this came in the house!

I'll post updates if I get Debbie to make more of these. We haven't come up with a name or anything for them yet. A friends suggested Snuggle Cup, but I don't know if this will be the only kind she'll make or if she'll come up with other designs for them. We'll have to brainstorm on that one. She's also trying to think up other ideas for stuff to make for kitties and might even do something for dogs. :)