Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Kitty Update

Ok. We'll go in order of age and do an update on everyone since it's been so long.

Kittanna-age 16-for her age, she's doing well. She's due for blood work this month to recheck her T4 levels. Pretty sure she'll be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She's eating, but getting skinnier by the week.

Lilly-age 10-she's holding on. She's barely four pounds now. Nothing but bone and fur. She was finally diagnosed hyperthyroid in October and started medication two weeks ago. She goes in two more weeks to be rechecked to see if it's helping. I've got a new food coming next week that's designed to be easy on the kidneys so I'm hoping that'll help, too. With the hyperthyroid under treatment, her kidneys will likely show as being in failure now. The hyperthyroid can mask kidney disease and she's been a constant at the water bowl for a very long time. Each holiday and birthday she sees is a miracle at this point.

Gaia-age 5-just your basic perfect little tripod fluffball. :) Still snotty and sneezy, but that's permanent.

Chiara-age 4-my feather is now a feather pillow. LOL! Spaying earlier this year had a typical reaction from her. She's ballooned from 7 pounds in February to somewhere around 11 or 12 now. She can still get on the counter with no trouble, but thankfully, this has at least stopped her from being able to climb the curtains. ;)

Pewter-age 4-still fat and loud. ;)

Speckle-age 4-she's actually become a bit of a lap cat over the last year or so. Still grumpy as all get out, but a slight improvement in how much she dislikes me, at least.

Miska-age 4-as much of a chunkabunk as ever. Poor thing seems to always be the one the other want to chase and irritate. Amazing how quickly a 11 pound cat can squeeze under a chair or coffee table. ;)

Rat-age 3-still my big man. He's about 11 or 12 pounds and has the tiniest little meow! Still can't trim his claws and he's big time overdue for a trip to the vet to have it done!

Trysten-age 1-finally a boy that's a lap cat! He's been through the wringer lately, though. A massive urinary tract infection that wouldn't clear up was found to possibly be the start of feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD). He's been through one round of antibiotics and two rounds of pain meds. I go tomorrow to get a third and ask about him starting anti-inflammatory medication. Seems he keeps getting inflamed and that allows bacteria to cause an infection secondary to the swelling. If it continues to be an issue, there's a surgery that will need to be discussed. As a male, he stands a higher chance of urinary blockage and that can be deadly.

And last, but not least, the new baby. Tabitha-5 months-she's a foster kitten. She's up for adoption through the Dogs4U cat program and will possibly be travelling to Connecticut to their shelter there on November 15. She was just spayed last week and after three tries is finally unable to get out of the cone. ;) She's a beautiful little ball of fur and will make someone a wonderful purry lap cat!

Chiara, Trysten, and Gaia