Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tempered With Sadness

While I'm enjoying getting all the wonderful books and yaoi from winning the blog hop, I came home to sad news this morning. Laura has lost her sweet boy, Violet, and Jennifer has lost her darling Alfie. Two beautiful kitties gone to the rainbow bridge far too soon. I'm keeping these two and their families in my thoughts today as their boys learn to use those new wings.

Monday, June 25, 2012

OMG!! I WON!!!

I won the grand prize for the yaoi blog hop! Oh my freaking gods!! Holy shit!!! Out of almost 400 people, I won!!!!!

This is serious jackpot for someone who loves to read. I get seven books, two yaoi press titles AND a boys love bang bang title! I picked one with cats on that last one... lol!! This just tickles me so much! I get all these great books, I found out about a few new yaoi anime I want to watch AND found some new authors whose stuff I'll probably end up buying. I mean, how cool is all that?!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Blog Hop!

Since I had so much fun with the HAH blog hop, I'm hitting another! Though this one is much smaller and I actually stand a chance of being able to read all the blogs... lol! This one is on Manga and Romance, specifically yaoi.

This is sort of a repeat of a bit of a previous post.

Yaoi was my introduction to M/M romance type stuff. See, Brian got me addicted to Fullmetal Alchemist. Then, I started watching some of the anime he had and eventually ended up watching stuff online. Then I heard a phrase, "reverse harem". This is an anime/manga that is one girl and a bunch of guys as the leading characters instead of the typical other way around. I watched several anime that are in the reverse harem genre like Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club. Then I came across something else. The word "yaoi". Well, gods love google. ;) From there I watched Junjou Romantica, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Gravitation. Then there's Sex Pistols, The Tyrant Who Falls in Love and No Money... the Japanese don't quibble over consent... lol! I also read numerous manga available online and translated into English. But it's frustrating reading backwards sometimes and the stories weren't as deep as I'd have liked. So I started looking for yaoi novels, something more in depth and longer. I found a few, but not many are translated and online. Talking with a friend, I found out about American m/m romance novels. I was hooked! I still watch my anime once in a while and have a few manga I go back to when new chapters are translated, but m/m romance has me hooked! I wish I had little gay muses running around in my head like the many, many talented authors I read so I could write something!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Love is Always Write

There's an event going on in the Goodreads M/M Romance group like the Don't Read in the Closet series. Pictures are selected and various people write a prompt on what they think the story of the picture is. Then authors select from the options and write the story. I've read all four volumes of DRitC and loved the vast majority of the stories. A few didn't really have happy endings and I'm not fond of that. Reading it this way though... as each story is posted in the group... I'm able to look at the description and not read the ones I think I'll find unsatisfying. I've only had to avoid one so far even though SEVERAL have left me wanting more! There are published authors and not-published authors writing if I'm not mistaken and the stories are so good! I fell in love with one pic and am still anxiously waiting for it to post, but I'm loving reading all the wonderful creations in the mean time. Some are really short, 4-6,000 words, some even less. And then there are some that are longer than a lot of books I've bought! LOL! It's worth a look if you like m/m romance! And check out the DRitC volumes if you haven't already. They're FREE READS ya know!!

(You do have to be a member of Goodreads and the M/M Romance group)

Love is Always Write

Father's Day

No, I didn't make a post for Father's Day yesterday. I don't have one anymore. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer on August 5, 2001. The only other male I was close to was my brother. He passed away from a basilar artery stroke August 29, 2011. My sister is married, but he and I aren't tight like that really. So no happy father's day wishes for me to give out. Though I do thank my sister's husband for Brian. He's as close as I'll ever get to a child, so there is that.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sometimes It Bugs Me

I know I'm anti-social. I don't go out. I can't stand crowds. I don't make a good passenger as I tend to get very nervous with other people driving. But why does my family insist on thinking it's fun to make fun of me for it?

Mama's going to Waxhaw tomorrow, I guess to take some of her wood work to a leather shop that sells it for her. I agreed to go along. Next thing I know my nephew calls and asks if I'm really going. I said yeah. He said that was a little unusual and I hear my sister in the background scream, "A little unusal!?!?!". I mean WTF?

I used to go with my sister and nephew to town on Fridays I was off to get groceries and do a little shopping. But it got to the point I was having issues with being in Walmart. So I started taking my MP3 player and listening to music while in the store. My sister started acting weird when I'd do this, like she had an attitude. She said she didn't care, but something was going on. She's as likely to walk off and me lose her in the store as anything, MP3 player or not, so I don't get the big deal. So I don't go with her anymore. Saves me the stress of wondering what I've done wrong and trying to keep her happy.

Brian sometimes fusses about not going anywhere when he's over here, but where would we go? He doesn't have any friends to go hang out with. He doesn't have a job to have money to spend. I spend a LOT of money to have food in the house for him. He's got his games and computer. What else am I supposed to do?

Why is it such a big deal? Wondering if I should just stay home tomorrow to avoid all the jokes I'm likely to get.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nothing Much

Pretty much nothing going on around here lately. Brian didn't come over this weekend, but I'm ok with that. Kind of mad at the kid. No one knew (except maybe Brian) that his second semester of college, he was on probation for his grades. Now, he's suspended for the next semester as they were still too low. He's doing the same thing I did, but at least I can say I tried to do well. My coursework just wasn't up to par with what my professors wanted. Yes, I hit the bars and partied, but I never missed a class and I always turned my assignments in completed and on time. Brian I think just doesn't care. And I don't know how to fix it. He'll be 19 in August, has no ambition beyond the next Xbox/Wii game, no desire to learn to drive and get his license, no luck finding a job. ~sigh~

My one friends at work isn't there anymore. He got in trouble and had to switch shifts in the aftermath. I've got the other guys to talk to, but I knew my friend wouldn't go telling anyone else the things I said to him. The two I still have, I don't trust like that. But sometimes I wonder how good a friend I had. I don't really know much about him. Questions are usually given short or joking answers even though I always try to answer what he asks me. Except for webcam experiences... I refuse to respond to that one on the grounds it may embarrass the shit out of me... lmao!!

Still need to clean up around here. Kind of sucks to have no real desire to DO anything. I don't want to go back on medication as I'm not depressed!! I hated the way that stuff made me feel even when I was and needed it. No way I'm going back to that zombie feeling... or lack of feeling to be precise. No blood work has found anything wrong... do they test hormones in those things? Levels of things like iron, B vitamins and others?? Being told I have "a touch" of fibromyalgia isn't an answer to my lack of umph and aches/pains.

Enough moaning and groaning I guess. Not going to help anything. I need someone to drag my sorry ass out of the house or something...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Cuz I Should

I'm writing an entry today just because I feel I should... lol!! I need to try to be better about blogging, even though I know no one ever reads my entries.

So, what's been up lately... really, it's just the usual. Working, sleeping, reading my beloved M/M romance (spending way too much money in the process!).

Work... ah, life in a prison. ~sigh~ You'd think I work in a freaking daycare the way they whine and complain. Sad, but that's really what all those "bad-ass" criminals spend a lot of time doing.

Sleeping... well, you see below what I have a tendency to wake up to... lol! The black on my chest is Kittanna, the tortie on my leg is Lilly, the tabby between my calves is Rat and if you look near his butt, there a bit of fluff, two feet and an ear... that's Gaia... lol! Chiara is usually on my other leg, but I guess she got up before I did.

Reading... I found new authors with stuff I really like while looking through the HAH blog hop and I've been having fun reading. And of course, many of my standard authors have new releases every weekend so I'm in there waiting for 1am to roll around to get the new stuff and then lose sleep reading it... lol!!

Had a dream tonight... thinking I've been without "company" too long. They shouldn't be that strange... or desperate. And I find it sad that I don't even get any in my dreams... ;) Not like there are any prospects. Can't be with anyone I work with without risking my job. Won't go out on my own and don't know anyone to go out with. Everyone I know is someone I work with or they're married and/or have kids and don't do "going out" anymore. I'm 39 years old and I find I really, really need friends that are in their mid 20s to hang out with. Sad... just too sad. I was told by one of the guys at work that its crazy that I need a "wing man" to go out. Well, not like I'm just going to go up to someone and introduce myself... I need that buffer. That's not so bad is it?