Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Year

Over a year since I've been here. Surprise huh? LOL!

Last I was in, Gaia was being evaluated for surgery. It was done February 2, 2010. They lost her in recovery but were able to get her back. Even though I was told starting out with she's ok, my heart nearly stopped. After her recovery and removal of stitches, she's no longer the sweet cuddly girl she was. It's like she KNEW the reason she no longer hurt was the removal of that leg and she felt there was no reason for her to suck up to me or be nice on car rides. I'd fulfilled the need she had (remove the pain) so she no longer had need to be nice. She still gives me headbutts and kisses and sometimes lays in my lap, but it's nothing like before. I can hold her for a bit, but then she'll start growling and the little bitch bites. ;) Must be something about being a prison cat because Zilla is almost exactly the same way! LOL!

Since the last post, I've also become a mama again. Chiara was born @ May 1. Her mom is Spot (whom I finally caught and had fixed around October). Next is Pewter, born @ June 12. Her mom was Pretty Bit (whom I caught and had fixed in September). She was killed by some idiot driver on October 29 and is buried near my Tigger out at mama's place. The last two are Speckle and Miska, born on August 13, right in the little house on the front porch. They are Spot's last litter. I trapped her when they were old enough to do without her a few days.

Chiara's litter had a penchant for getting in the engine of my car. I gave one to the neighbors behind me and one to an old friend. The other two I brought in and someone I work with adopted one and as I'd always wanted a white cat, I kept Chiara. Turns out they were a bit too young to take, but did well. Chiara will still suck on a blanket once in a while. ;)

Pewter was one of a litter of two. Her sister was adopted by a guy I work with and is doing well in her new home with a labrador brother.

Speckle and Miska were a litter of three, their brother (only the second male I know of out of 12 kittens over the years-one died young and I don't know what sex it was) was adopted by another guy I work with. He too is doing well and is finally calming down after eating fish from the tank and breaking some of his mom's china. Miska is available for adoption, but I'm not sure on Speckle. She seems to have some kind of issue with her legs/hips.

Other than the kitties, nothing much has changed. Work sucks, but that's to be expected. I'd really love to enjoy my job again but don't see it happening anytime soon. The new governor hasn't done us much good as she's given her personal staff huge raises and we've suffered two more paycuts that are almost solely on the Dept of Corrections. Nothing on the Troopers, DOT and only a bit on the teachers. The new guy selected to be the director of the department was confirmed last week so we'll see what he does to us next. Hoping it's not bad. And hoping they don't consider closing the prison. I'll be screwed. The next closest one is 45 minutes away!

Brian is doing well enough. He's a senior this year. He's applied to the Art Institute of Charleston for culinary classes. There's discussion of him doing his math, english, etc at the local college then transferring the credits down there. But it'll depend on grades and such. He still hasn't taken SATs as there's another kind of test the Institute uses so I don't know what's going to be done on that point.

My car is still giving me fits. In December I spent $500 and January $300. It's embarrassing, but mama bought a vehicle for me. No way can I afford one. It's having some work done, which again she's paying for, so I don't have it yet. She's asked if I want hers since all the issues are pretty much worked out, but I drove the newer one and really like it. The ride isn't as rough. Her's has a very stiff suspension and will beat you up on a rough road... lol! The newer one is a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. Mine is a 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier. It's been around since I got out of high school so that means it's about 20 years old. Speaking of, I haven't heard anything about my reunion yet... wondering if I'll bother to do. Didn't last time.

That's about it in a nutshell. My birthday is Tuesday. I'll be 38. Staring 40 in the face isn't bothering me... yet. Having lunch at mama's today. My request was salad with all the fixings... not sure how that'll go over with everyone else... lol!! Me, mama, Debbie and Brian will be ok, but the rest might be a little put out. Oh well, it's MY birthday. ;)