Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ever Wonder What If?

Strange thoughts when falling asleep. What if I could come into money? Serious money. Like 5 million dollars or something. What would I do with it?

1. Home. Pay the mortgage off. New roof on my house, clean and paint the outside, and new windows. Build on to the back to make the spare bedroom (cat's room) bigger. Put a door where my bedroom window is and add on a master bathroom with a big tub and separate shower. Add on to the garage so I could actually put my vehicle in there. Repair the bathroom shower and cabinets. Probably some other interior work later, like paint and new cabinets and storage. Put in an air filtering system to cut down on the smoke and fur issues. Surround sound available in the whole house. Get some landscaping done.

2. Family. Pay off the backhoe for mama. Ger her and each of my sister's family "new" vehicles. Nothing extreme since they'd have tax and insurance. I'd give mama $5000 a month, or whatever she wanted. I'd give my sister $3000 a month, or whatever she wanted. Pay off my oldest niece's home and car, if needed.

3. Me. Get a second vehicle, some kind of Hyundai. Get tires for my truck and get some maintenance done on it. A bigger TV. New stove, fridge, and microwave. Pay off all my credit card debt. Quit my job and give a really HONEST exit interview!

4. Set up an account to cover getting the rest of the cats at work trap-neuter-returned. $5000 to a friend's charity for taking care of ferals. $1000 to the shelter where I got Taillee and Kittanna and $2000 to the one where I got Lilly. Heated shelters outside for my ferals.

What would you do?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here We Go Again

Life sucks. This is beyond not fair. I just lost Lilly after a four year fight and now Gaia's sick. WTF am I doing wrong? I feed them good food, at the cost of my own groceries most times. They've got a safe place to live.

Gaia's stopped eating like Lilly did four years ago. I'm SO hoping it's just a momentary thing. She had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, but is well now. Could be something residual from that affecting her. I couldn't afford the blood work, so we're going with anti-nausea medicine that I already had from Lilly, an appetite stimulant (two pills that'll last three weeks with the dosage amount), and she got a B12 shot. She didn't eat anything Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at feeding, but managed a teaspoon or two of chicken baby food tonight and a few dry kibbles. Really hoping that means she's on her way to eating again because, if not, I'll have to find the money for tests.

I sell blank journal books and stuff I make on etsy to try to get money for vet bills at Paper Paw Crafts. I also have a Go Fund Me account I started for huge dental bills for Kittanna and Trysten and for Lilly's care. Gaia can now be added to the "in need" list of that account. It just keeps snowballing. :(

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My New Angel

My Lilly monster's battle is done. I think she had a seizure of some kind early the morning of January 11, 2015. She was very still and almost comatose for a couple of hours, but started moving again, barely able to walk and acting very confused. I was able to get an emergency appointment with the vet to put an end to the fight. It's been almost four years, I believe, that we've fought issues with her liver, heart, intestines, thyroid, and immune system. She fought the good fight for the majority of that time, but when the last vet visit had her at barely four pounds, I knew it was getting close the end. The seizure, or whatever it was, made the decision for me. She was given a sedative to relax her and I think if they'd left it at that, she'd have been gone in 10 minutes. She was barely still there when they gave the second injection and she passed peacefully in my arms.

As with Taillee, when I took her in, I promised Lilly forever and I held to my word. We both did our best, but there was no way she would have recovered with all the problems that were going on. So long as she wasn't in pain and had a good quality of life, I was willing to keep trying. Once that was over, I had to be the one to make the decision no pet parent wants to make and let my child go.

We are now eight.

This was taken at home shortly after the seizure. Rest well, my princess.