Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My New Angel

My Lilly monster's battle is done. I think she had a seizure of some kind early the morning of January 11, 2015. She was very still and almost comatose for a couple of hours, but started moving again, barely able to walk and acting very confused. I was able to get an emergency appointment with the vet to put an end to the fight. It's been almost four years, I believe, that we've fought issues with her liver, heart, intestines, thyroid, and immune system. She fought the good fight for the majority of that time, but when the last vet visit had her at barely four pounds, I knew it was getting close the end. The seizure, or whatever it was, made the decision for me. She was given a sedative to relax her and I think if they'd left it at that, she'd have been gone in 10 minutes. She was barely still there when they gave the second injection and she passed peacefully in my arms.

As with Taillee, when I took her in, I promised Lilly forever and I held to my word. We both did our best, but there was no way she would have recovered with all the problems that were going on. So long as she wasn't in pain and had a good quality of life, I was willing to keep trying. Once that was over, I had to be the one to make the decision no pet parent wants to make and let my child go.

We are now eight.

This was taken at home shortly after the seizure. Rest well, my princess.

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