Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interesting Conversation

Doing breaks at work last night, I got to talking with two of the guys I work with. One I talk to quite a bit and he knows a lot about me. The other guy is fairly new. I was talking about the blog hop from this past week (Hop Against Homophobia) and the prizes I'd won on a few of them. Since I was talking about authors and the book I'd won, the new guy asked what I read. Since I don't know him well, it was a bit awkward, but I told him I read gay romance. On a side note, I'm wondering if he now thinks I'M lesbian because of this... lol! Figure I don't really give a shit what he thinks. Anywho, he says there's nothing wrong with love, it's all good and I'm thinking ok, cool guy. But he keeps talking and here's where it got interesting.

He said it's all good, but he didn't think it was good to have children in that environment. I said "So it's ok to be gay, but not to have kids?" He said they can't have kids. And into the conversation about hetero couples sometimes need help, so what's the big deal if a same-sex couple needs help... and he's saying but it still requires a male and a female... and it got repetitive. ~sigh~ He talks about how confusing it would be for the kid to be around other kids and them not having the same kind of parents. Well, what about the child of straight parents? Do you think they get confused around the kids of gay parents?

I tried to point out, it doesn't matter WHO does the parenting, its the raising that makes the impact. If a child is raised to not look at WHO is loving, but that the love is good, it makes no difference. I really don't think I got through to him. Sometimes I am not overly fond of the people I work with.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Squeee!!!! I've already won at least twice in the blog hop I posted about!!

I won a ficbit, which is a really short story, from Kathleen Hayes. I'd requested one on True Love's Kiss, but she said she's already got several more installments in the works for that one so I'll be reading that one on her blog anyway. So looking through her stuff, I picked Perfect as first choice for her to write something more on. It's a seriously short bit about an FTM and his friend. In that short bit of writing, I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and really look forward to what Kathleen writes!

The other one is on the 2 Boys In Love blog. I won the big prize! A $25 gift certificate to the ebook site of my choice. I picked Dreamspinner. Now, just got to decide what to spend it on... lol! Looking forward to it!

I've been told I won on another blog, but there's nothing posted yet so waiting to see if it's me or not. This last author writes some seriously good vampire books! He's got a series of them and there are two I don't have yet. :)

Still probably going to read through the blogs even though the hop is technically over. It'll just take me a while to read them a few at a time. Gotten used to the ereader and not having the laptop blocking the kitties from cuddling. ;)

Edit*Yep! Won an ebook from JP Bowie! Picked "Trip of a Lifetime". It was great! Now I just wonder how Vic knew about it before it was on JP's blog or I'd gotten his email... hmm...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia

I'm not participating officially since I'm not involved in any of the publishing process (other than reading voraciously!). There is a blog hop May 17-May 20 here. Hundreds are participating for this great cause.

I am a straight female, so I've never personally experienced homophobia or transphobia. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any GLBT friends either, much to my loss. But like some of the writers in the hop, I do know discrimination and I know how it feels to be shunned by those who should love you and I know what it is to have to deal with bullies.

So many kids today are taking their own lives from bullying because assholes seem to think they know what's best and keep telling them they're wrong, they're evil, they're going to hell, and on and on. It's just not true. They need the chance to grow and learn about themselves without feeling the pain of being mistreated. ANY kid does. I suffered greatly for my weight in school and still bear the emotional scars. To this day, I have self-esteem issues from the taunts I heard... yes, I know those people don't matter, but years of hearing it made it sink into my psyche. Someone who is GLBT doesn't NEED anything like that! They're going to have to deal with enough issues without having people try to step on their confidence and crush them. They need support and love and acceptance. And sometimes, they need help. There is the Trevor Project if you or anyone you know wants to talk to someone. Just that little thing, a bit of talking to someone willing to listen, can help SO much. There is also the It Gets Better Project with videos of people hoping to be a light in the darkness to GLBT youth. You can also buy/donate a book copy of the project for a school or library of your choice so a kid that doesn't have internet may get a chance to read these stories and have hope.

Please visit the Hop Against Homophobia blog hop. It's emotional, educational and something our society should take notice of. All blogs participating are having giveaways too so you get to read some good information and maybe get some goodies too!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plus and Minus

Well, there's been a plus and a minus in the battle for same-sex marriage. North Carolina has an amendment on banning any type of same-sex union. Marriage, civil union, everything. I don't know if it's totally passed, but from what I'm hearing , it sounds like it. Those articles are so confusing sometimes. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Obama spoke in an interview and came out in support of same-sex marriage equality. I so hope that's an accurate report. His verbal support, whether I like the guy or not, will add some weight to the fight for equality. Those who voted to ban same-sex marriage need to watch this:

Why are so many against same-sex marriage? I'm hetero and I couldn't give two shits who someone else sleeps with. Hell, I think gay men are one of the best things on the planet... lol!! I've got several lesbian friends whom I adore too. One of them went to her home state of New Jersey a few years ago for a civil union ceremony. Just sucks that this state doesn't recognize that union. My best friend lives in North Carolina with her girlfriend and you see what her state thinks of their right to marry if they wanted to.

Anyone able to explain why it matters? It's about like inter-racial marriage to me. Why does it matter? South Carolina just took the ban off the books in 1998. Google tells me that Alabama was the last state to remove that law in 2000. Technically, the federal government didn't allow for the ban since the 60's with the anti-miscegenation laws, but the law was still on the books, enforced or not.

Looking at Wikipedia, in 2003, the federal government ruled sodomy as something private and none of the government's business. While it's not a nice word, it means guys can do it all they want, provided there is consent, same as a male/female relationship (which was ALSO affected by anti-sodomy laws in some states ya know). BUT, there are still states with the law on the books I'm guessing... they just won't be able to enforce it anymore. There are even laws in SC against oral sex and unmarried sex for crying out loud... how creepy is our world? Huh... I'm a criminal... who knew? LMAO!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Scot

I never realized I hadn't put any of my work here. Well, here goes I guess. This is, I guess, what would be called fan-fiction. The inspiration for it being John Norman's Gor novels and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels. This story is mine, but many elements were drawn from those novels which I so adore. Thank you to both authors for what you wrote and I hope my little story might do you proud.


~Dedicated to the wonderful works of John Norman and Diana Gabaldon that inspired me~

The marketplace was loud and crowded with a nasty lingering odor floating on the slow breeze. Amilyn knelt, shaking and terrified, lost amid the chains of girls to be sold. She'd been stolen less than a year ago and thrust into the harsh life of a slave girl. She'd learned to do as required and serve to please, but only to keep herself alive, never with a true love in her heart. Men strolled by, her soft crimson lips uttering repeatedly "Buy me Master," as they paused before her. A cruel voice suddenly hissed in her ear, "Be more convincing, beg for purchase well or feel the lash." The slaver slithered away to threaten another girl and Amilyn looked to see if anyone else was approaching. Seeing none, she dropped her head, eyes closed, and tried to rest for a quick moment.

A voice like burred silk touched her ears and her eyes scanned the crowd to find the source. 'Nay, I dinna want a lass as wee as you are." Her eyes locked onto the most handsome man she'd ever beheld. Unbidden, she began to wiggle about, praying for him to come before her, if only to have that voice wash over her flesh. Carefully, she flicked her eyes over him. The stranger was strikingly handsome, black hair curling lightly at his collar, lightly tanned yet fair skin, strong, firm mouth and a nose just a bit crooked, probably broken once. Well built and muscular, tall and tastefully dressed, he walked with an air of one with no fear yet totally unaware of the trance his looks could induce. Amilyn couldn't see his eyes as he stood, looking down at each girl in turn, no reaction on his face at their plea. He turned to the slaver, "Man, have ye none wi' some substance?" Amilyn wiggled again, smoothed her long auburn hair and smiled, heart thudding rapidly. Scottish. That's the accent. He must be from earth because Gor has nothing that sounds so erotic and fluid. He seeks a girl with 'substance'. Her heart thudded faster as she glanced down at herself.

She'd been self-conscious from day one, in no way understanding why she'd been chosen to come here. Fairly heavy thighs and breasts, a belly she wished would go away, nothing about her really petite or delicate like the other girls. The one hope she held to was a comment a Warrior had once graced her with. "One day the right master will bring out the true slave in your heart and show you the beauty you hold." Amilyn clung to that sentence, her mind turning it round everytime she sat in these chains, begging purchase. Seeing his boots approaching she took a deep breath and held it nervously.

As the toes of his boots appeared in her vision, she assumed her position and opened her mouth to speak. Only a tiny squeek escaped. Again she took a breath and tried once more, with no better result. A tear slipped down one cheek, fearful he would pass by and her only touch tonight would be the lash. "A bonnie lass this one. She doesna speak?" Finally, her voice came back, for if he thought her flawed, it wouldn't be for a lack of voice. "Buy me Master." Even she noticed the new tone to the words, her voice husky and warm. "Och, ye can speak. Verra good. Now, look up to me girl." Slowly, Amilyn's eyes lifted, each part of him burned into her memory, at last settling on his face. She gasped softly as her eyes locked with his. She quickly closed her mouth as she gazed into the clearest, greenest eyes, her heart melting. "Buy me Master." the plea was deep and heartfelt, her heart already his whether he bought her or not. "This one," was all he said as he pulled out a pouch and looked to the slaver. Amilyn let her head drop, her breathing rapid as the idea settled over her... bought. Tears flowed gently as the man counted out the price and the coffle fell from her neck and wrist. "Come lass. Those rags ye wear will ne'er do." "Aye Master. Thank you," was all she managed to say as she rose and followed him.

She felt him pause and stopped two paces to his right. "Ye aren't from here, are you?" "Nay Master," she said. "Name?" "Amilyn if it pleases you." He comtemplated a moment then lifted her face up, his eyes again startling her. "Amilyn it is then girl. A bonnie name for ye." She smiled and lowered her eyes, following as he headed into a seamstress' shop. As her garment was quite simple, in a short while she strode out at his heel draped in soft, moss green silk that perfectly matched her eyes, it's hem striking at the lower edge of her thigh in a flattering cut that apparently was a good choice. Glancing up occassionally, she saw heads turn and eyes leer on many faces. It was amazing the difference the purchase made, both the one of silk and the one of flesh. A strange confidence came over her in that short time and she felt like the best girl anywhere.

Reaching a bosk drawn wagon, the man stopped her and spoke again, his brogue raising the most delicious chill over her flesh. "You're my only girl so much work is ahead of ye. My name is Alexander, though I give ye leave to use Alex. You'll tell me about yourself as we ride and leave nothing out. I want to know how my girl came here." She nodded and climbed into the wagon with a sharp swat to her ass. "Verra nice indeed." She giggled and curled up amid his supplies as he climbed up front and urged the shaggy beasts to move, carrying them far from the smelly market.

As they bumped along, she told how she came to Gor. Sleeping peacefully after a rather boisterous bachelorette party, she and her friends found themselves rudely awakened then swiflty put unconscious by rags over their faces. The next thing Amilyn knew, she was waking, groggy and aching, in a cage with a few of her friends and several strange women, many speaking foreign languages. She was trained swiftly at the point of a slave goad then sold cheap to a less than appealing bosk herder. Immediately determined to have known a man before, she was placed in red silks and harshly used by the man and his friends, both sexually and in a working capacity. His farm was robbed and Amilyn found herself part of the booty. Once passed among the outlaws, she was sold again. She passed through the hands of warriors, tavern owners and any number of faceless, unappealing men before coming to the slaver Alex purchased her from. She told honestly of each man and the harshness she'd felt and the little kindness she'd known.

As her story came to a close, they arrived in Tafa and went to a neat home where she helped unload the supplies and set about putting them away, in the process learning her way around his home. The servery was small and well organized but obviously done by a man. Knowing she was the only slave responsible for Alex, she rearranged things a bit to make serving and cooking easier. There was a small area for cold storage behind the house and only four other rooms. After putting everything away, she roamed the house, tidying as she went, then smiling softly when she noticed him in the doorway watching. "Aye, you'll be a good one I ken." He bid her follow him and took her to the pens to show her where things were to milk the bosk and point out a small vulo pen for her to gather eggs. She saw a glimpse of the Vosk through a thicket of trees and smiled, inhaling the delicate aroma of the moist air. After a quick mid-day meal, he told her, "I've some business to attend to. I'll be leaving ye here for a bit but don't fret none. No one will harm ye here. Busy yourself and I'll return in a few days." Amilyn nodded sadly as he kissed her cheek, walked out to his wagon, climbed aboard and was gone. He'd not even touched her. She wondered if perhaps the business were a woman. Maybe she was purchased merely to tend house for his companion. The heart of an earth girl sank at the thought but the mind of a gorean slave settled on making the best of it.

The next few days saw Amilyn beating furs, sweeping and scrubbing floors, scouring walls and counters, washing and mending his clothes and putting up a few herbs that were drying on the window sill. Having cleaned his home from top to bottom, Amilyn tended the animals and put up milk and eggs. After two days, she felt well deserving of a bit of spoiling herself. Gathering items for bathing, she walked to the Vosk, seeing that it wasn't the main river but a small tributary of it, quiet and secluded. She stripped off her silks and washed them, laying them on a bush to dry. Easing her naked body into the water, she washed away the dust and grime from her chores then crawled onto a nearby rock to dry beneath the summer sun. Drifting to sleep, she thought of what it would be like to be with Alex back home, providing he brought no woman or other girls.

Fingers were slowly tracing the line of her jaw then dancing over her ear and into her hair. Moaning softly, she turned her head to the touch and jerked wide awake as her eyes opened and she saw Alex beside her. Stumbling over her tongue she tried to apologize for not being home when he returned. Scrambling from the rock, she huddled at his feet, fear clutching her belly. The sound she heard was not the pulling of a whip, but a quiet chuckle and she was pulled to her feet. "Lass, the house is in perfect order and your rest is well deserved. I canna be angry when you've done more than I expected of an earth girl." Before she could stop herself, she said something that had been gnawing at her, "You're of earth too." She flushed a deep crimson for slipping and dropped her eyes. "Aye, I was taken same as ye were, though for vastly different reasons that are mine alone to know. Now, I'm dusty from my travels and I smell like a sleen. Tend me lass." Smiling brightly, she stripped off his tunic and boots and helped him step out of the breeches. She stood naked before him, her skin flushed with want and pulled the loincloth free then turned to the stream, taking up the soap and waiting for him to enter the water.

Her fair skin shone in the soft sunlight as evening set in and he smiled to her as he strode past and out to hip deep in the water. Placing the soap under her foot, Amilyn scooped water over his wide back, eyes dancing, watching the clear rivulets run down and over his ass, fingers wanting to grasp him to prove his reality and arms to hug him to her. Taking up the soap, she lathered him well, massaging the thick muscles of his shoulders, feeling the tension slip away beneath her fingers and float away with the sparkling bubbles. Tossing the soap to the bank, she rinsed and massaged him down to his feet, fighting the urge to kiss his thigh as her face floated at the surface of the water, so near. Then she paused, unsure of what to do next. His bath compleat, was she to go to shore or wait? He solved her problem quickly by taking her suddenly into his strong arms and drawing her into a harsh kiss, her lips trapped between his teeth and her flesh gripped severely by his fingers. Her mind blurred, fearing he would be like her other masters, cold, hard and unfeeling. All at once her world had no horizon as she was lifted from her feet to be carried from the water. The rough surface was paid no heed by her fevered mind as he lay her upon the shore and spoke softly, "I've not owned a girl here and rarely lain wi' one. Have no fear of me because I'll treat ye as an earth girl. If you'll remember, I've no put steel on your neck."

With a start, she touched her neck. Having busied herself with tending his home, she'd not even realized. He smiled and lowered his face to the hollow at the base of her throat, his tongue flicking against the hot skin down over the swell of one breast and lightly onto the nipple. His teeth raked over the sensitive skin and she gasped, bringing her arms up and tangling her hands in the ebony locks, clutching him to her. She moaned softly as he moved back and forth teasing both nipples equally then jumped as he clasped both her wrists in one large hand, above her head and sank his teeth into her shoulder. Blind instinct and burning passion caused her own teeth to gnash out at him but she was well pinned by his powerful arms and the pleasant weight of his body on hers. Amilyn felt his hardness pressing against the roundness of her belly but couldn't maneuver to get what she wanted. He had her thighs trapped between his own and was holding her virtually motionless. She could do no more than lay, squirming beneath him and accept his ministrations.

His tongue felt cool on her heated skin and she shivered gently. Suddenly, she realized her thighs were released and his fingers were dancing lightly over the insides of them. Amilyn fought to remain still, fearing that to move would cause him to stop, but small trembles still racked her. As one large, calloused finger entered her, she couldn't stop the arch of her back and thrust of her hips to take whatever he offered, to quell the need burning in her. "In time lass. Let me enjoy the luxury of ye at my leisure." Maintaining the tight grip on her wrists, Alex twisted off her, her eyes flicking to see what he was doing. Before she saw him, she felt his breath, moist and hot, on her thigh, then his tongue lapping towards her center, teasing flicks over trembling thighs and fluttering belly. While one finger still worked within her, his tongue brushed lightly over her aching clit causing the muscles to clench his exploring hand and her arms to tug against his fist. Each lick tormented her, restrained and unable to pull him to her for more. She could feel Alex's lips curve to a smile against her flesh with every moan he elicited from her. Suddenly his hand and mouth were gone and he was above her, smiling wickedly, his lips wrapped around his finger, a gleam in his jade eyes. Feeling his grip on her wrists relax slightly, she took her chance and lunged upward, his glossy hair caught in one small fist and her lips catching his swiftly, her taste still upon him. Her sudden movement caused him to tumble back and allowed her to finally take the edge off the fire he'd ignited. He made no move to stop her as she licked and kissed over his broad chest, nibbling and teasing the tiny buds upon it. Her tongue smoothly followed the dark line down his belly then over to one thigh, nudging it from it's twin so she could settle between them. Amilyn nipped the tender skin of his legs with tiny kisses then took him into her mouth. The warm, salty taste of him brought up a deep moan and pushed her desire higher. His hand fisted in her hair tilting her head and his eyes sought hers as she moved upon him, her mouth bringing him to the same breaking point she felt.

In one sudden movement, Alex flung her to her belly and was upon her, his teeth sinking repeatedly into her back, rough palms sliding over smooth thighs. His fingers dug harshly into her hips, drawing them up, opening her to his advance. In one quick plunge, his shaft was buried inside her, a scream tinged by lust torn from her throat. He remained that way a moment, joined fully to her, feeling her muscles grasp him, then began to move slowly, taking time for his pleasure, letting his heat build slowly. Alex held his palms firm on her shoulders pressing her to the ground, his own thighs pressed to hers holding her hips up and open. As his strokes became harder, Amilyn tried to shift under his hands to thrust back to him, to feel more of him. As she struggled, Alex lay forward, dragging her knees over the ground to press her flat beneath him, his legs holding hers open as he continued thrusting into her. He held nothing back as he worked towards his release and began biting at the girl trapped beneath his immense weight. He felt her begin to tremble and the tightening within her squeezing his cock as he thrust hard one last time, his seed coming to rest deep within her. Sweat soaked and exhaused, they lay upon the ground, Amilyn heedless of the twigs and leaves that pressed into her tender flesh as Alex licked and kissed the sweat from her neck and shoulders. Slowly he rolled off her, reaching to pull her on top of him then drawing her into a gentle kiss. "You'll do lass, I'm verra sure of it." Amilyn giggled softly and lay her cheek upon his chest and they slept.

With dawn's light, Alex and Amilyn woke tangled in each others arms and dampened by the morning mist that drifted from the river. They dressed and slowly made their way home, hands clasped together. They didn't walk as master and slave, but as man and woman, eyes shining with love and adoration. That first day in the home together went smoothly, ending with them curling in bed and making love, slow and sweet. Even on earth Amilyn was the type to enjoy taking care of a man, learning his likes and seeing him well satisfied so she was ecstatic in her new surroundings. The only noticable difference between her and any other slave was that she bore no steel about her neck. Alex adorned her with only two items of jewelry: an emerald coloured ribbon tied about her neck and a small silver band on her right thumb. Times when they left home together, people sometimes looked at her a bit strannge for, even though she walked in heel and obeyed his every command, a slave with no steel was an oddity. Perhaps this oddity was the catalyst for the occurrance that all at once threatened Amilyn's idylic life and yet offered a future she never could have imagined.

Amilyn had been with Alex several weeks, becoming tuned to his every mood and falling more in love each day. At home, they behaved as a typical earth couple. When they went out or entertained guests, Amilyn assumed the guise of the red silk she was trained to be. Though Alex allowed none to touch her sexually, he did permit the occasional appreciative grab at breast or butt, rightly knowing this would help build her confidence. Amilyn blossomed under his care and it was evident in her carriage and manner. On rare occasion, Alex would send her on some errand or other by herself. Sometimes she imagined she was back home, merely shopping for her husband's dinner. Almost always, her mind was lost in fantasy. Everyone in Tafa now knew to whom she belonged and she never had any trouble. One morning, Amilyn set off to the baker's shoppe for sweet rolls she'd never got the knack of making. She didn't know there were strangers in the city looking for trouble.

Softly humming an old earth song by a group called Chicago, Amilyn meandered through narrow back streets, as she always did. She didn't like being away from Alex longer than necessary so she shortened her trip any way she could. As she approached the back entrance to the bake shoppe, the only warning she had was a movement in the shadows. Her scream died in her throat as her mouth was covered with a grimey rag and she was roughly dragged into a darkened doorway. The alley, lit only by a few barely flickering thalarion lamps, allowed Amilyn only glimpses of the face of the man who held her. He swung her to face him, holding her so that she couldn't look around and tied a cloth over her eyes. He reeked of paga and spoke a strange dialect of Gor. She could only pick out a few words, "Gold... Kidnap... Barrens... " She tried to struggle but was subdued by the man's hand tightening upon her throat. Helpless, she was bundled up and tossed into a wagon. She couldn't scream for a rag tied over her mouth, only suffer the ride and pray to the Priest Kings Alex would find her before any serious harm befell her.

By noon, Alex was frantic with worry. He hurried to the baker's and found that she'd never shown up to pick up the rolls. Turning to return home, Alex took the shortcut Amilyn always took, going out the back of the shoppe. In the light from the open door, he saw something. Leaning down, he picked up a ragged length of emerald coloured ribbon. Gasping, he ran to the magistrate's office and immediately reported her stolen. He angrily demanded a search party be sent out to find her and insisted he be part of it. As they gathered to leave, Alex ran over in his mind what he would do to whoever had his girl, his property, but more so, his love. Violent, bloody images flashed through his mind as they set out from the town. They traveled the remainder of that day with no sight of anyone unfamiliar on the road. As night fell, they camped and Alex slept a fitful sleep, dreaming of the horror of losing Amilyn.

It was deeply dark and Amilyn recognized nothing as the blindfold was taken from her eyes. The gag was removed and a bit of sa-tarna bread and dried bosk meat were put before her with a small cup of water, the men keeping behind her always. After she ate, she was again blindfolded and gagged and tied to a tree. She heard what seemed to be her captors settling down to sleep and relaxed a tiny bit knowing she wasn't to be used. As she drifted off, she thought of never seeing Alex again and wept quietly.

Well before daybreak the next morning, they were on the move, the men talking carefully about the gold they could ransom her for. Of course they knew who she belonged to as many had heard of the 'uncollared' slave. The bits of slang they used were generally unfamiliar to her so she couldn't tell if they spoke of harming her or not. As the sun rose gradually higher, burning the soft mist from the ground, Amilyn knew they were going south for she felt the warmth of the sunlight upon her left cheek as they traveled, she leaning back against the front of the wagon, tied to it's planks. As the men joked of their triumph, their future plans were already being altered. They hadn't reckoned on a man loving the girl they held and the determination he had to find her. Alex had roused his camp after only a few meager hours sleep and had them on the road well before the kidnappers. He was closing fast on his revenge.

Between the noise from the wheels bumping over the ruts in the road and the joking and chatter of the kidnappers, no one heard the approaching thud of the kailla as they splintered off into the trees surrounding the road. Occupied with images of gold and wealth as they stopped to take an afternoon meal and rest the bosk, none saw the men scramble into the trees and ready their cross-bows. The men dipped heavily into the botas of paga they carried and sat about drinking more than eating, taking no regard of Amilyn sitting meekly in the wagon. Not until the paga ran out and the men decided to see what was so special about the girl.

Feeling they were safe enough such a distance from Tafa, they dragged her from the wagon and lay her on the hard ground. Amilyn's precious silks Alex had given her were ripped from her and rough hands dug into her breasts, the man's face close to hers, his breath causing her to struggle harder than his hands. His friends, intent on spreading her legs to help the man, didn't notice the man in the closest tree, didn't see the look of utter rage on his face, didn't see the arrow take aim. A small whizzing sound and one man fell, arms flailing to reach his back, to remove the shaft that was leeching the air from his lung. The others took little notice really, figuring him too drunk to participate. As the second man fell, hands clasped around his bleeding thigh, the surrounding thugs finally looked around. They ducked behind the wagon, grabbing out cross-bows and swords and looking to the trees for their attackers. The man holding Amilyn pinned to the ground didn't hear their shouts and warnings, he was too involved in sinking his filthy cock into the struggling girl. His task was interrupted by a sharp pain in his ass. Jumping backwards and bouncing like a fool, he tried to remove the arrow from his cheek, slick, red blood coursing down his pale leg and staining the breeches about his ankles. Amilyn, still bound, blind and gagged, knew only that there was trouble. She curled her naked form into a little ball and prayed fervently she wouldn't die before she could tell Alex she loved him one last time.

As the search party drifted from the trees, there was little fighting. One man made a half-hearted attempt to fight the magistrate sword to sword, but failed miserably, left in a pool of his own blood to die. The survivors were loaded into their own wagon as Alex knelt by Amilyn's side. She cringed and tried to cry out when she felt the hand upon her shoulder, thinking the man was back. The soft voice cooing in her ear slowly sank in and she began struggling, not to get free, but to get to Alex. He released her arms and lifted her gently, clutching her tight to him, her arms locked about his neck. The gag and blindfold removed, she covered his mouth with hers, tasting him to see if he was real or a delusion. She locked her legs around him and held him, desperate to never let go. Climbing clumsily into the wagon, Alex held Amilyn that way all the way back to the city, taking his arms from her only to remove his cloak and drape it over her shivering shoulders.

Amilyn lay tucked into Alex's bed, her eyes jumping as she slept, the memory of recent events still haunting her. It had been a week and if Alex wasn't by her side, she couldn't function. He'd replaced the silks she'd lost and bought many more to entice her from the bed, to no avail. Amilyn couldn't get her mind off the man who'd touched her and couldn't figure out why. She'd been here long enough and passed around often enough she shouldn't mind. Something about it stuck with her, the destruction of her safe little world with Alex. She knew he was trying all he could to be there for her, but whatever business he tended late at night took him away often, leaving her with only the shadows to torment her. She slept fitfully and wept often in her dreams.

Morning light was flooding through the window Alex had opened, the cool breeze bringing the scent of moist air and tor shrub flowers, their pure, white faces dancing outside the open port. Amilyn stirred and opened her eyes to see Alex standing above her. "Get outta bed now lass. There are things ye need to tend that canna wait." The tone of his voice was sharp and cold, his eyes glinting as she'd never seen. Reluctantly, Amilyn crawled out of bed and donned a set of the new silks, a deep golden amber that matched the highlights in her hair. She went to the servery and set about tidying it, but little was needed for Alex had taken his meals out since the incident. He approached her slowly and gently wrapped his arms about her, the remnants of her dream washed away on the sweet sound of his voice, "Something is missing love. Turn and let me look at ye to see if I can figure it out." Turning within his arms, she looked up to him and was startled. He had tears in the corners of his eyes and looked at her with such a warmth, it made her heart ache. She deserved no such love as his and turned her eyes away. His fingers were firm on her chin as he turned her face back and his voice was hard yet affectionate as he spoke, "You are not to blame for what happened. I love you as much now as I ever have. You are mine and none will take ye from me again. I promise." He pushed her back a bit and held his hands in front of her. The necklace looked delicate yet strong, the double golden links locked securely upon their neighbors, the clasp a tiny lock. Amilyn reached out one finger and carefully touched the pendant, afraid it would break. The diamond was set in gold and well seated to ensure it never came out. It's facets sparkled brightly, tossing a myriad of colour upon their faces. Tears slipped down her cheeks and she fell to her knees before him. "I deserve none such as you Master. I can only promise to love you the best I can and always be whatever you wish until you have no more need of me." Alex lifted her and gazed into her eyes a moment before kissing her quickly, then locking the necklace about her neck. "I'll always have need of you. Now, pack lass. We are leaving. I've finalized plans that will ensure you and I will have the future we want without interference. Pack light as the journey is only two days and we'll not need much of this place with us." Curiosity burning in her eyes, Amilyn nodded and ran to do as commanded. When she returned to the servery with a small bag, she saw the wagon and bosk outside the house and hurried to it, throwing herself into the bed and looking to Alex sitting on the seat, a determined look upon his face.


Amilyn let her mind wander as they traveled, wondering what city they would go to, never knowing her future was not going to be as she imagined. That night they camped in a small stand of trees, Alex setting up a careful perimeter so no one could sneak up on them. Spreading a blanket, they lay together for the first time since she'd been kidnapped, the distance from Tafa and her memories loosening her better than anything else could. They touched and caressed gently and made love slowly beneath the bright moons, falling asleep tangled in each others arms.

As dawn broke, they set off again and Alex began to hint at their destination. "You'll love it lass. Mountains and fields as far as the eye can see. Sparsely populated so none will disturb us often. The air is clean and fresh and the scent of heaven is upon the breeze every day, rain or shine. You'll have animals to tend and a home to look after soon my love, verra soon." She had so many questions pop into her head, she didn't know where to start. Her quandry was solved by Alex's next statement. "Lass, I'm taking ye home wi' me." She looked at him, eyes confused, wondering if he could possibly mean what she thought, what she hoped. Looking down to her, he smiled and nodded and Amilyn was left speechless. Home. Earth. He was taking her to the highlands of Scotland to live with him. Her breath stopped and she couldn't think. Home. She climbed up onto the seat beside him and curled against him, his arm going around her and his warmth sheltering her. Amilyn lay her head to his shoulder and closed her eyes, happy dreams coming at last.

It was full night and the three moons above shone brightly upon the wagon as it pulled into the trees. The stop jolted Amilyn awake and she looked about, wondering why they'd stopped. "We're here Amilyn. Hop down." Scampering from the wagon, she waited quietly for Alex to come to her, eyes scanning the trees fearfully. Taking her arm, he led her into the wood to a clearing and stopped, looking at her intently. "You don't remember coming here any more than I, but I know what occurs. A ship will come lass. We will sleep soundly and wake amid the hills of my home. We will begin our life anew." They settled down to wait, Amilyn staying very close to Alex's side, eyes scanning the sky repeatedly, looking for her salvation. Suddenly, without warning, a light shone upon them and they stood quickly. Alex looked questioningly to her and she nodded and began walking. They were taken aboard cordially. The journey afforded by Alex gathering all the wealth he had and calling in every favour he'd been owed, they were treated well and went comfortably to sleep, both dreaming of rolling hills and snowy mountains.