Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interesting Conversation

Doing breaks at work last night, I got to talking with two of the guys I work with. One I talk to quite a bit and he knows a lot about me. The other guy is fairly new. I was talking about the blog hop from this past week (Hop Against Homophobia) and the prizes I'd won on a few of them. Since I was talking about authors and the book I'd won, the new guy asked what I read. Since I don't know him well, it was a bit awkward, but I told him I read gay romance. On a side note, I'm wondering if he now thinks I'M lesbian because of this... lol! Figure I don't really give a shit what he thinks. Anywho, he says there's nothing wrong with love, it's all good and I'm thinking ok, cool guy. But he keeps talking and here's where it got interesting.

He said it's all good, but he didn't think it was good to have children in that environment. I said "So it's ok to be gay, but not to have kids?" He said they can't have kids. And into the conversation about hetero couples sometimes need help, so what's the big deal if a same-sex couple needs help... and he's saying but it still requires a male and a female... and it got repetitive. ~sigh~ He talks about how confusing it would be for the kid to be around other kids and them not having the same kind of parents. Well, what about the child of straight parents? Do you think they get confused around the kids of gay parents?

I tried to point out, it doesn't matter WHO does the parenting, its the raising that makes the impact. If a child is raised to not look at WHO is loving, but that the love is good, it makes no difference. I really don't think I got through to him. Sometimes I am not overly fond of the people I work with.

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