Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Cuz I Should

I'm writing an entry today just because I feel I should... lol!! I need to try to be better about blogging, even though I know no one ever reads my entries.

So, what's been up lately... really, it's just the usual. Working, sleeping, reading my beloved M/M romance (spending way too much money in the process!).

Work... ah, life in a prison. ~sigh~ You'd think I work in a freaking daycare the way they whine and complain. Sad, but that's really what all those "bad-ass" criminals spend a lot of time doing.

Sleeping... well, you see below what I have a tendency to wake up to... lol! The black on my chest is Kittanna, the tortie on my leg is Lilly, the tabby between my calves is Rat and if you look near his butt, there a bit of fluff, two feet and an ear... that's Gaia... lol! Chiara is usually on my other leg, but I guess she got up before I did.

Reading... I found new authors with stuff I really like while looking through the HAH blog hop and I've been having fun reading. And of course, many of my standard authors have new releases every weekend so I'm in there waiting for 1am to roll around to get the new stuff and then lose sleep reading it... lol!!

Had a dream tonight... thinking I've been without "company" too long. They shouldn't be that strange... or desperate. And I find it sad that I don't even get any in my dreams... ;) Not like there are any prospects. Can't be with anyone I work with without risking my job. Won't go out on my own and don't know anyone to go out with. Everyone I know is someone I work with or they're married and/or have kids and don't do "going out" anymore. I'm 39 years old and I find I really, really need friends that are in their mid 20s to hang out with. Sad... just too sad. I was told by one of the guys at work that its crazy that I need a "wing man" to go out. Well, not like I'm just going to go up to someone and introduce myself... I need that buffer. That's not so bad is it?

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