Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of Town

As much as I hate it, I'll be out of town all next week. My sister will be coming by to take care of the girls. This should be the last time my job forces me to go to the Academy, thank gods!! I am NOT looking forward to this in the least, but I don't have a choice. I hate leaving Gaia knowing how much care she needs and that Debbie can only come by once a day. I'm hoping I can talk her into finding time before class in the morning for at least a quick stop as Gaia needs her antibiotic twice a day. I'll have to teach Debbie this weekend how to do her compress. She bloody hates getting the cream put on after now!! Screams like I'm killing her, but the vet has already told me it's just that she doesn't want it done, it's not hurting her. Already got a major attitude... lmao!!

She'll keep the leg, but it's going to be best to have that one foot declawed when she's old enough. With her not using the toes and the claws not retracting, it's too likely she could get hung on something and hurt herself. I've seen the damage that can be done to a cat who's foot works fine when they get hung up. Zilla's done it a few times, once with bloody results.

The vet also said it'll be about 6 months for skin to really be clear on where it's died off. I think under her arm pit is going to take the longest as she can't extend the leg so there's less circulation of air under there. He said there's also a chance fur WILL grow back. :D She'll go back in two weeks for her first vaccinations... don't really want to get them done as I don't like the things, but with where she came from, a few rounds of shots are needed. She'll also get her FIV and Flk testing. Praying both are negative.

In the mean time, she's just a bouncy little kitten who looks really rough... lol!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Button Added

Added a button for a website I just saw. A friend posted a link about Stonewall in his Facebook. They've got a campaign, "Some People Are Gay. Get over it!". Wish they'd have something like that here. It's designed to help stop the homophobic bullying in UK schools. A GOOD THING!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Like

Ok. Facebook is fun... I admit it... lol! I like the games. Clark got me hooked on Farkle and I found one similar to Bejeweled. The My Kitten is cool too. Found another friend from college I think. Sent her a message to check. Another one I'd looked for here and there over the years and wondered what happened to her.

The new baby is doing good. Gaia got her compresses this morning and ended up getting mad. Some of the skin is peeling back so I was trimming it a bit and there was... hell... I guess you'd just call it 'crud' in places so I was picking it off to keep the area clean for putting on the Dermalone. Well, one place appears to be pretty tender and she gave a good yelp to let me know! Going to call and see if Saturday or Monday will be best to take her back in to let the vet have a look at what's loosened up already. I'm sure they'll be able to clean her up much better than me... I'm so worried about hurting her. I'm glad she's doing well though!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good thing?

I finally decided to join Facebook. Figured what the hell and I could look for someone I've been looking for for years. Found him on the first search. Wow. I was nervous about contacting him and turns out he had some issues with how we split too. Go figure huh? He's still as handsome as ever and has the most adorable daughter. And Facebook keeps coming up with people it thinks I should know... so weird! So long as no one from work shows up I'm good. That's why I didn't use my actual name... only two or three people at work have my email so I should be pretty safe. I know the Major has an account and I do not want to feel like he's looking over my shoulder. Thinking I'll look for people from work and start blocking them... just in case... lol!!

Vamp Still in Progress

Well, I found a design I like, but just found an issue... the bar at the top that gives me access to the dashboard isn't there... lmao! I have to go to to get to the link to make a post... don't know if I'll bother to find a way to fix it or just leave it like it is... not like I'm in here that much...

Still tending the outdoor kitties. Got an email in to my vet to see if they know of anyone who does trap neuter release in the area. Also if they do or know of anyone who does spays/neuters for ferals. I don't have the means to keep them confined after surgery... that's a bigger issue for me than the cost really. I don't want to trap them and have it done only to release them and have something go wrong and there be nothing I can do about it. It would be a girl that took up here and she would have a daughter... ~sigh~ Spot is a gorgeous little girl. She's getting braver about not running when I come out, but still no way to get hold of her. I've taken one of the girls wands out and tried to play with her a bit, but she isn't interested. They play with the stuffed mice I put outside, but only when I'm not looking... lol!! Her brother Tabb is still extremely skittish. They see me petting Gremlin when he comes by but don't seem interested in getting any pets themselves.

Nothing much else going around here. Getting ready for the cook-out in September. It's a community/friend/family thing we have every year. We used to cook a whole pig, but one year we got a bad one. After that disaster we started just getting big hams and cooking those. It starts on Friday afternoon and goes all night with the BBQ ready around noon that Saturday. The fun part is that night and hanging out. That Saturday is the only time I see a lot of my relatives. I've got a couple of friends I invite from work who show sometimes. No Catster families live that close to me so none of them to come.

Off to be bored I guess. Kind of sucks that school has started back...

Monday, August 10, 2009

In Progress

It's not very pretty right now, but I'm working on vamping this place up just a bit. I'm not in often, but as I like playing with graphics, it'll be a fun thing to come in once in a while and goof. Trying to get it to three columns... that part isn't going well at the moment... lol! But I've gotten a couple of graphics changed out. Got a new little pawprint background on the right and I've changed that plain little arrow by each post title to a cute little pointing finger I made. :)

And I don't see a post on this... guess I never got around to getting in here. My sister made an etsy site! She's made four sales so far. She's sold two beds on ebay and two in Catster auctions to raise money. Three of the four went to the family of Taz, Ko, etc... they recently lost a member, Boots. I do hope Taz, Ko and Marvel Ann shared their nap mats with him and he liked. Hazel Lucy got the other as a gift from another kitty for all she and her mom do on Catster. So far the reviews are good. The kitties are enjoying the nap mats/toys. Still trying to get the word out so maybe she'll sell more. Smudge is loving it though... he really enjoys Debbie crocheting... he gets to play with the yarn and snatches the occasional toy for himself... lol!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Auction for Teal'c and family!

While working to get the kitties adopted, we're having an auction to help cover their food and vet costs. We've got lots of wonderful items up for bid!! Feel free to take a peek and see if there's something you like!

Almost forgot! Here's the link to the etsy site the family mom started to sell stuff to help out. She has THE most beautiful cards!! And we've been told the mats and tents are excellent too!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogs and ebay

There's two blogs that I adore in here. Well, more than one, but these have such captivating and funny writing! They're by Laura in Tennessee, owner of The Cat in the Clover etsy shop. She's got the blog that's connected to the shop, The Cat in the Clover and her own personal blog, My Life in Tennessee. SUCH entertaining reading!!

My sister didn't sell any of the last round of nap mats she put up on ebay. Does anyone have any advice on how to get people to look? They're really nice beds and my girls love them!! She's sold one, but as it's a birthday present, we'll have to wait until his birthday before hearing how much he loves his new bed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

At The Marketplace

If you peek in here and are a Catster member, mama just posted a bed and toys for sale in the Catster Marketplace. It's in the 'Local Store'thread. Thanks for looking in!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Places to Sleep!**ITEMS REMOVED**

These look very comfy but mama won't let us try them out!! She says it wouldn't be appreciated if they come covered in fur... hmph!!

Debbie made these for us to try to sell. She's unemployed at the moment, so we're trying to help her out some.

This bed is a bit smaller than the one we have, but it's made about the same way. This one has padding in the bottom of it. The padding (underside in second photo) is of a different yarn. It makes it really soft! It's approximately 12 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches tall. $25 with $10 shipping.

This one is flat with a cute ruffle all the way around. It's of a thick, soft yarn that we think would be quite warm and snuggly! It's about 21 inches in diameter. $25 with $10 shipping.

Even if you don't want to buy one of these, feel free to comment on what you WOULD like to buy or see samples of. Debbie's working on making toys too, but mama hasn't gotten any good pictures of those yet. And the ones so far ARE covered in cat hair as we're the test subjects... hehehe...
Let us know what you think!

**Debbie has decided she's not happy with how the pink bed turned out so she's not putting it up for sale. The earth tone one I'm going to post and try to sell for her on ebay.**

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Possible additions

Zilla snoozing in the comfy new bed from my sister Debbie. She made it as a kind of experiment really. She said she started and undid it and restarted several times to come up with the design. There's no pattern or anything.

I'm hoping she'll want to make some to sell so I'm trying to talk her into it. She'll be out of work next month when the company she works for moves out of state, so depending on what she decides to do next, she might have some time to make more.

This is Lilly knocked out in the bed. I'll have to get the specifics of what kind of yarn she used and all that. It's two colours because she didn't have enough of the purple to do what she ended up coming up with for the design.

This is Kittanna settled into the bed. It's mostly her territory. She claimed it the instant I put it on the couch! Strangely enough, it was originally made with Taillee in mind, but she's the only one I've yet to catch napping in it... LMAO!! Taillee prefers her heated bed to pretty much anything I guess. But Kittanna hardly even wants to sleep with ME anymore after this came in the house!

I'll post updates if I get Debbie to make more of these. We haven't come up with a name or anything for them yet. A friends suggested Snuggle Cup, but I don't know if this will be the only kind she'll make or if she'll come up with other designs for them. We'll have to brainstorm on that one. She's also trying to think up other ideas for stuff to make for kitties and might even do something for dogs. :)