Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Like

Ok. Facebook is fun... I admit it... lol! I like the games. Clark got me hooked on Farkle and I found one similar to Bejeweled. The My Kitten is cool too. Found another friend from college I think. Sent her a message to check. Another one I'd looked for here and there over the years and wondered what happened to her.

The new baby is doing good. Gaia got her compresses this morning and ended up getting mad. Some of the skin is peeling back so I was trimming it a bit and there was... hell... I guess you'd just call it 'crud' in places so I was picking it off to keep the area clean for putting on the Dermalone. Well, one place appears to be pretty tender and she gave a good yelp to let me know! Going to call and see if Saturday or Monday will be best to take her back in to let the vet have a look at what's loosened up already. I'm sure they'll be able to clean her up much better than me... I'm so worried about hurting her. I'm glad she's doing well though!!

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