Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of Town

As much as I hate it, I'll be out of town all next week. My sister will be coming by to take care of the girls. This should be the last time my job forces me to go to the Academy, thank gods!! I am NOT looking forward to this in the least, but I don't have a choice. I hate leaving Gaia knowing how much care she needs and that Debbie can only come by once a day. I'm hoping I can talk her into finding time before class in the morning for at least a quick stop as Gaia needs her antibiotic twice a day. I'll have to teach Debbie this weekend how to do her compress. She bloody hates getting the cream put on after now!! Screams like I'm killing her, but the vet has already told me it's just that she doesn't want it done, it's not hurting her. Already got a major attitude... lmao!!

She'll keep the leg, but it's going to be best to have that one foot declawed when she's old enough. With her not using the toes and the claws not retracting, it's too likely she could get hung on something and hurt herself. I've seen the damage that can be done to a cat who's foot works fine when they get hung up. Zilla's done it a few times, once with bloody results.

The vet also said it'll be about 6 months for skin to really be clear on where it's died off. I think under her arm pit is going to take the longest as she can't extend the leg so there's less circulation of air under there. He said there's also a chance fur WILL grow back. :D She'll go back in two weeks for her first vaccinations... don't really want to get them done as I don't like the things, but with where she came from, a few rounds of shots are needed. She'll also get her FIV and Flk testing. Praying both are negative.

In the mean time, she's just a bouncy little kitten who looks really rough... lol!!

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