Friday, July 27, 2012

The Past & Present

Talk about the past coming back. Mama called this morning to tell me to check my email to see if I got one from Joe. Joe was a guy mama dated/lived with for several years before she threw him out and he went back home to Georgia. He passed away some time back. I guess mama doesn't get email from hacked accounts often, but that's what it was. I had to go in and send a request for the account to be deleted. At least I knew his password.

Seems some friends are having a bad time physically lately. Guess it isn't just my kits who are having health issues. J.R. Loveless, a wonderful M/M author has been having really bad migraines lately and not much is helping. Another great author, Vicktor Alexander, is having issues as well, though his don't have a diagnosis yet. Poor man is having pain and issues with his head making him dizzy and he's even having trouble remembering words and how to spell them to write. Hurts my heart for either of them to be so sick, but both scare me too. My brother seemingly had a not serious health problem and it ended up killing him. Vicktor especially worries me as they don't know what's wrong. Both of them almost sound like symptoms of an aneurysm, like my old art teacher, and I know she was so very lucky to survive.

The kits are doing ok. The lysine treats should be here soon and for those who won't eat them, I've found they'll eat the powder mixed in meat baby food. Except Lilly. That cat is so picky it isn't funny! Her I'll still have to mix lysine with water in a syringe and squirt it in her mouth. Neither of us enjoy that much, but I'm determined to do what I can to get her better. She refused to eat the chicken Brian cooked last night, but this morning she ate some treats and nibbled on a salmon Appetizer. Miska is getting a bit more active, though she's still coughing and sneezing. Speckle is still sneezing, but it's not bad. Kittanna seems mostly ok, even coming up to sleep with me again. Everyone else, thus far, isn't showing signs of catching the cold, though Pewter sneezed a but last night, but it was just one instance.

Training Wednesday went ok. It was informative at least. Policy has a rule that, unless otherwise informed, training has to be attended in uniform. My shift's captain didn't. She comes in looking all sassy in silver sandals, black pants and an almost sheer white top... with a black bra. I've always thought that was tacky looking most of the time. But with as many years as she has, I guess she's not worried about it. Hoping I can be that carefree when I'm her age!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cat Issues and Work

It's like dominoes. ~sigh~

Lilly is slowing improving with her issues. The diagnosis is either liver disease or hepatic lypidosis (fatty liver syndrome). Either isn't good news, but if I can get her eating and keep her eating, the lypidosis will improve. She's on denosyl, lysine, an anti-nauseant and clavamox. This is twice a day dosing. Today, for the first time in well over a week, she was actually crying to be fed. I was thrilled!! I gave her an appetite stimulant for a day, but it had her walking around crying and looking so damned lost it was killing me. Seems, despite what the vet said, this medicine can cause anxiousness in cats. It didn't help her eat because she was too busy wandering and crying out so that one has been stopped.

Rat has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. Problem is, he'll need an ultrasound to diagnose the exact cause and the place they want to send me is in Columbia. I have no way to get there so I've asked if there isn't someone in Rock Hill or Ballentyne, both of which are easier to get to and easier to navigate. I'm scared my time with my boy will be cut short now. He's only one. It's a grade three of six murmur.

Rat also had a cold, which was the only reason I took him to the vet in the first place. Just a tiny sneezy cold. Well, it seems the girls weren't satisfied with just a little cold. Kittanna and Miska now have full blown viral respiratory infections. Coughing, gagging and sneezing all over the place. Speckle is showing signs of catching it too. Kittanna and Miska are on xenoquin since it's the only once a day antibiotic they have. It's mostly just to prevent secondary infections because right now their immune systems are compromised.

Vet recommendation is for lysine all around, for all 10 of them. I've taken to mixing a capsule with a little water in a syringe to make it easier to give out, but several are VERY, VERY problematic about this. I've got the scars to prove it at this point. Then I remembered I'd bought lysine treats ages ago. They like them so I've ordered more. That'll make it WAY easier to get the lysine into several of them and save loads of stress on all of us. Plus, lysine is good for liver support and maybe Lilly will get more into eating if she thinks she's just getting a treat instead of one of her medicines.

It's going to be a long couple of weeks around here, kitty wise.


Work-wise, things are about the same. I'm being MADE to take a class on a system called CITRIX. It's part of the time-keeping stuff, which I do for my shift. I have to take the class to have access to the system. Again, I don't drive in Columbia. So, knowing me, they've arranged a ride to take me to class... lol!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's been a while since I posted any of the kits. I know few ever peek in here, but I've got 10 wonderful kitties. This is my baby, Rateelae (Rat). He's the only one that does the cute pose that I can get a picture of. Zilla does it, but being black, it's hard as hell to get a good shot unless I can sneak up on her... lol! Rat just turned one in March and is the biggest of all of my kits. He's about 12 pounds and I think he's finally finished growing! LOL! Just this week, he finally learned how to jump on the kitchen counter. So far, no major damage has been done but he's got to learn not to be all in my business when I cook. I'd hate for him to learn the hard way what "HOT!" means. Had Kittanna do that and it scared me silly!! She was ok, but I was a wreck.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Updated View! Finally!

Well, I finally got something a bit more interesting as my blog design. Found one that had colours I could live with and set to hitting the web for images of some of my favourite yaoi anime. Didn't find something for all that I like, but found ones that definitely work for me! Yay!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I previously posted about a video in the post Plus and Minus. It's about a man who lost his partner to a terrible accident and then had to suffer through his partner's family closing him out because they blamed him for their son being gay.

He's now wanting to make a documentary to show people how horrible it is that same-sex marriage isn't legal. He was partners in love, business and living... everything. And he lost so much with his partner's family shutting him out. Please share this and consider donating. You can give as little as $1 to help reach their goal.