Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's been a while since I posted any of the kits. I know few ever peek in here, but I've got 10 wonderful kitties. This is my baby, Rateelae (Rat). He's the only one that does the cute pose that I can get a picture of. Zilla does it, but being black, it's hard as hell to get a good shot unless I can sneak up on her... lol! Rat just turned one in March and is the biggest of all of my kits. He's about 12 pounds and I think he's finally finished growing! LOL! Just this week, he finally learned how to jump on the kitchen counter. So far, no major damage has been done but he's got to learn not to be all in my business when I cook. I'd hate for him to learn the hard way what "HOT!" means. Had Kittanna do that and it scared me silly!! She was ok, but I was a wreck.

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