Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plus and Minus

Well, there's been a plus and a minus in the battle for same-sex marriage. North Carolina has an amendment on banning any type of same-sex union. Marriage, civil union, everything. I don't know if it's totally passed, but from what I'm hearing , it sounds like it. Those articles are so confusing sometimes. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Obama spoke in an interview and came out in support of same-sex marriage equality. I so hope that's an accurate report. His verbal support, whether I like the guy or not, will add some weight to the fight for equality. Those who voted to ban same-sex marriage need to watch this:

Why are so many against same-sex marriage? I'm hetero and I couldn't give two shits who someone else sleeps with. Hell, I think gay men are one of the best things on the planet... lol!! I've got several lesbian friends whom I adore too. One of them went to her home state of New Jersey a few years ago for a civil union ceremony. Just sucks that this state doesn't recognize that union. My best friend lives in North Carolina with her girlfriend and you see what her state thinks of their right to marry if they wanted to.

Anyone able to explain why it matters? It's about like inter-racial marriage to me. Why does it matter? South Carolina just took the ban off the books in 1998. Google tells me that Alabama was the last state to remove that law in 2000. Technically, the federal government didn't allow for the ban since the 60's with the anti-miscegenation laws, but the law was still on the books, enforced or not.

Looking at Wikipedia, in 2003, the federal government ruled sodomy as something private and none of the government's business. While it's not a nice word, it means guys can do it all they want, provided there is consent, same as a male/female relationship (which was ALSO affected by anti-sodomy laws in some states ya know). BUT, there are still states with the law on the books I'm guessing... they just won't be able to enforce it anymore. There are even laws in SC against oral sex and unmarried sex for crying out loud... how creepy is our world? Huh... I'm a criminal... who knew? LMAO!!

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