Monday, May 21, 2012


Squeee!!!! I've already won at least twice in the blog hop I posted about!!

I won a ficbit, which is a really short story, from Kathleen Hayes. I'd requested one on True Love's Kiss, but she said she's already got several more installments in the works for that one so I'll be reading that one on her blog anyway. So looking through her stuff, I picked Perfect as first choice for her to write something more on. It's a seriously short bit about an FTM and his friend. In that short bit of writing, I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and really look forward to what Kathleen writes!

The other one is on the 2 Boys In Love blog. I won the big prize! A $25 gift certificate to the ebook site of my choice. I picked Dreamspinner. Now, just got to decide what to spend it on... lol! Looking forward to it!

I've been told I won on another blog, but there's nothing posted yet so waiting to see if it's me or not. This last author writes some seriously good vampire books! He's got a series of them and there are two I don't have yet. :)

Still probably going to read through the blogs even though the hop is technically over. It'll just take me a while to read them a few at a time. Gotten used to the ereader and not having the laptop blocking the kitties from cuddling. ;)

Edit*Yep! Won an ebook from JP Bowie! Picked "Trip of a Lifetime". It was great! Now I just wonder how Vic knew about it before it was on JP's blog or I'd gotten his email... hmm...

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