Wednesday, January 20, 2010


See? There's a reason I got a D in composition... I suck at coming back to write anything... lol!!

Well, my little girl goes for her evaluation tomorrow for surgery to removed her left front leg. I'm ok with it now. I had been ok with it in the beginning, but her vet said there was a good chance it could be saved. Yeah, but not by me. With my work schedule her compresses weren't done as often as needed in the first place. Then if she fussed or cried, I didn't have the heart to hurt her. Then there's the fact I'm a lazy sucker. All in all, I still think it'll be best for it to be gone. She'll heal quicker from surgery and plenty of cats cope well with three legs... though most are missing a back leg. I've got to post something in the forums to ask about missing a front one.

Otherwise, all is as usual here. Work is still a pain, though we don't have furlough at the moment so my paycheck went up a bit. With insurance increases, no furlough only means my check went up about $9.00... lol! Still a chance we'll have to do some though... the people who decide that meet again end of February or beginning of March. Yippee.

My step-father left my mama. They were never legally married... just got old saying my mother's fiance... lol! She's ok with it and insists the rest of us not just cut him off. He called my mama a bitch... regardless of the fact she is one, she was never one to him... just people who piss her off. We were all good to him and he was to us so this strikes me kind of wrong. I know he's got issues from Vietnam and all... I guess some of that played a part too... plus I think his health issues and financial stuff dragged him down too.

My sister still hasn't found a job. It's a year next month since she worked. She took a class through the unemployment office for call center training, but there's still no word if the company is even coming to this area. She still really wishes she could make a go of her etsy site, Catcessities. Even if it isn't a full income, if she could make some decent money from it, she'd stick with it. She makes the best toys and mats. She does people stuff like scarves and hood/scarf combos. She was going to make a pocket book the other day with old jeans... don't know yet how it turned out. I just don't know how to get the word out about her store. I've posted in the girls diaries and there are links on their pages. I've got it up in the Catster Marketplace but I think I'm the only one that shops from there. I've posted on Facebook. The stuff she's put in auctions got good prices but I don't know if that's because they liked her stuff or just because of the auction.

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  1. Hey, amilyn and kitties. We saw you purring for KC, and we didn't remember seeing you before. Thought we'd check in and say HI.