Monday, June 11, 2012

Nothing Much

Pretty much nothing going on around here lately. Brian didn't come over this weekend, but I'm ok with that. Kind of mad at the kid. No one knew (except maybe Brian) that his second semester of college, he was on probation for his grades. Now, he's suspended for the next semester as they were still too low. He's doing the same thing I did, but at least I can say I tried to do well. My coursework just wasn't up to par with what my professors wanted. Yes, I hit the bars and partied, but I never missed a class and I always turned my assignments in completed and on time. Brian I think just doesn't care. And I don't know how to fix it. He'll be 19 in August, has no ambition beyond the next Xbox/Wii game, no desire to learn to drive and get his license, no luck finding a job. ~sigh~

My one friends at work isn't there anymore. He got in trouble and had to switch shifts in the aftermath. I've got the other guys to talk to, but I knew my friend wouldn't go telling anyone else the things I said to him. The two I still have, I don't trust like that. But sometimes I wonder how good a friend I had. I don't really know much about him. Questions are usually given short or joking answers even though I always try to answer what he asks me. Except for webcam experiences... I refuse to respond to that one on the grounds it may embarrass the shit out of me... lmao!!

Still need to clean up around here. Kind of sucks to have no real desire to DO anything. I don't want to go back on medication as I'm not depressed!! I hated the way that stuff made me feel even when I was and needed it. No way I'm going back to that zombie feeling... or lack of feeling to be precise. No blood work has found anything wrong... do they test hormones in those things? Levels of things like iron, B vitamins and others?? Being told I have "a touch" of fibromyalgia isn't an answer to my lack of umph and aches/pains.

Enough moaning and groaning I guess. Not going to help anything. I need someone to drag my sorry ass out of the house or something...

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