Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here We Go Again

Life sucks. This is beyond not fair. I just lost Lilly after a four year fight and now Gaia's sick. WTF am I doing wrong? I feed them good food, at the cost of my own groceries most times. They've got a safe place to live.

Gaia's stopped eating like Lilly did four years ago. I'm SO hoping it's just a momentary thing. She had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, but is well now. Could be something residual from that affecting her. I couldn't afford the blood work, so we're going with anti-nausea medicine that I already had from Lilly, an appetite stimulant (two pills that'll last three weeks with the dosage amount), and she got a B12 shot. She didn't eat anything Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at feeding, but managed a teaspoon or two of chicken baby food tonight and a few dry kibbles. Really hoping that means she's on her way to eating again because, if not, I'll have to find the money for tests.

I sell blank journal books and stuff I make on etsy to try to get money for vet bills at Paper Paw Crafts. I also have a Go Fund Me account I started for huge dental bills for Kittanna and Trysten and for Lilly's care. Gaia can now be added to the "in need" list of that account. It just keeps snowballing. :(

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