Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ever Wonder What If?

Strange thoughts when falling asleep. What if I could come into money? Serious money. Like 5 million dollars or something. What would I do with it?

1. Home. Pay the mortgage off. New roof on my house, clean and paint the outside, and new windows. Build on to the back to make the spare bedroom (cat's room) bigger. Put a door where my bedroom window is and add on a master bathroom with a big tub and separate shower. Add on to the garage so I could actually put my vehicle in there. Repair the bathroom shower and cabinets. Probably some other interior work later, like paint and new cabinets and storage. Put in an air filtering system to cut down on the smoke and fur issues. Surround sound available in the whole house. Get some landscaping done.

2. Family. Pay off the backhoe for mama. Ger her and each of my sister's family "new" vehicles. Nothing extreme since they'd have tax and insurance. I'd give mama $5000 a month, or whatever she wanted. I'd give my sister $3000 a month, or whatever she wanted. Pay off my oldest niece's home and car, if needed.

3. Me. Get a second vehicle, some kind of Hyundai. Get tires for my truck and get some maintenance done on it. A bigger TV. New stove, fridge, and microwave. Pay off all my credit card debt. Quit my job and give a really HONEST exit interview!

4. Set up an account to cover getting the rest of the cats at work trap-neuter-returned. $5000 to a friend's charity for taking care of ferals. $1000 to the shelter where I got Taillee and Kittanna and $2000 to the one where I got Lilly. Heated shelters outside for my ferals.

What would you do?

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