Monday, June 9, 2014

And Another One

Lilly on the left, Kittanna on the right

A bit of an update on Lilly first. Finally, after three years of tests, she's been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Her thyroid is working overtime and that's why she's lost all the weight and is having other health issues. She's barely over 6 pounds now, but is maintaining. Medication isn't an option as yet. Her values are still borderline.

Took Kittanna to the vet for a loose tooth. Wanted them to run blood work, too, since she's getting older (16) and has lost some weight. She's approaching borderline hyperthyroid, too. And the tooth needs to come out, but it's a fang so it's a serious surgery. The vet said he'll have to cut into her gum line some and create what he called a bone flap to protect her sinus cavity. These teeth run very close to the cavity and that can be a problem if not treated carefully. If it breaks on its own, it could break into that cavity. So it MUST come out. The surgery will be $600 to $700. The only way for me to get it is to charge it on the Care Credit card I have for vet use. The balance is already over $3000 from all the work to save Gaia and to diagnose Lilly.

Lilly is going to need further blood work to monitor her. Kittanna will be needing that now as well. All that on top of the huge amount needed for removal of Kittanna's tooth.

I've created a Go Fund Me account and am begging. If anyone can donate something towards this, I would be deeply appreciative. Any donation of $10 or more, I'll make the donor one of the blank journal books I have on etsy. I started trying to sell stuff there to help with vet bills, but it's not generating much interest.

I'm doing my best by my kits, but I need some help.

Go Fund Me: Vet Expenses

Paper Paw Crafts

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