Monday, April 23, 2012

Bye Girl

In September or so 1997, I bought a car. A used 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier. The memories that car holds for me. The furthest I've driven from home, north (Pineville) and south (Sumter) were in that car. First time I gave/got a hand job. First time I damned near got caught drunk driving. First time I drove in snow. In one way or another, I drove that car to meet every guy I've ever been with. I paid about $6000 for her and put about $2000 or more in her over the years to keep her going. I sat in the parking lot at work peeling the clear coat off when it started chipping. Gods only know how many other things with that car were a first and I'm just not remembering now.

I signed the title over to Brian a few months ago. Brian thought I'd cry then. Nope. But I did today. His parents bought a battery and took it today. I cried a bit seeing my baby and all my memories roll away.

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