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Gay Movie List

I belong to a group that has started a movie thread on gay movies. Just trying to keep up with what I've seen or want to see. There are several in here that I know I won't watch. But if others see this they might want to, so I've left them in.

 9 Dead Gay Guys

 10 Attitudes

 A Home at the End of the World

 A Single Man

 A Very British Sex Scandal

 A Very Natural Thing

 A Summer Dress (short)

 Adam & Steve

 Alkali, Iowa

 All Over the Guy --- was good, but damned if I can remember how it ended...

 Almost Normal

 An Angel Named Billy --- good story but bad dialogue, acting and music

 And The Band Played On --- more dealing with the arrival of HIV/Aids than romance

 An Englishman In New York --- interesting though I haven't seen the intro (The Naked Civil Servant)

 Angels In America

 Another Country --- took a look but it didn't catch my attention

 Another Gay Movie --- too beyond stupid to watch

 Back Soon --- unusual but very sweet, HEA kind of

 Beautiful Boxer --- wonderful story

 Beautiful Thing --- beautiful movie! HEA

 Bedrooms & Hallways --- a bit strange, but still pretty good

 Bent --- strange and no HEA

 Big Eden --- excellent!

 Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss --- not too bad, no real HEA

 Bishonen (Love Between Beautiful Youths)

 Borstol Boy


 Boy Culture --- pretty good, HEA

 Boys Live 7 --- the only one I watched (almost) all of... think they're all depressing

 Breakfast with Scot --- very cute!

 Brokeback Mountain --- no HEA but a good story

 Camp --- sort of a coming of age movie


 Chicken Tikka Masala --- silly and funny, HEA

 Clapham Junction

 Coffee Date

 Cote D'Azur --- technically a HEA but a strange way to get there

 Coming Out --- cannot find with english subtitles

 Cowboys & Angels

 C.R.A.Z.Y. --- realistic, no real HEA, but the guy has peace


 David's Birthday --- total side-swiping ending! 

 Defying Gravity --- a bit sweet, a bit sad, HEA

 Denied --- kind of an open ending, not a bad film

 Different For Girls --- post-op female, a bit strange, HEA

 DO COMEÇO AO FIM --- for some, possibly a forbidden movie, HEA

 Dorian Blues --- ok, but the ending was anti-climatic

 Dream Boy --- good movie, but no HEA

 Du Er Ikke Alene (You Are Not Alone) --- unusual, possibly forbidden, sort of HEA

 Dog Tags 

 East Side Story

 Eating Out --- caved and watched it, it's actually good!

 Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds --- took two tries to watch, but worth it!

 Eating Out: All You Can Eat --- silly and cute

 Eating Out: Drama Camp --- sweet and cute

 Eden's Curve --- told no HEA, but haven't seen

 Edge of Seventeen --- not really an HEA, but the guy comes out ok.

 Eleven Men Out

 Eyes Wide Open --- knew an ending I wouldn't like was coming so didn't watch it all

 Fashion Victims

 Fish Out Of Water --- discusses whether homosexuality is actually a sin or not

 Fit --- examines the appearance of gay or straight, insightful, excellent movie

 Food Of Love

 For a Lost Soldier --- strangely sweet if forbidden

 Formula 17

 Fucking Different (short collection) --- CANNOT find anywhere online!!

 Get Real --- not bad

 Get Your Stuff --- very cute, HEA

 Girls Will Be Girls

 Gohatto (Taboo) --- um, not real sure how it ended, kind of confusing

 Gone But Not Forgotten

 Head On --- strange, not sure what the point really was, a bit sad

 Hedwig and the Angry Inch

 I think I Do

 In the Gloaming --- told HIV/Aids no HEA

 Is it Just Me? --- silly, but cute

 Jeffrey --- HIV/Aids, HEA

 Judas Kiss

 Just A Question of Love --- very real and touching

 Just One Time (1999)

 Kick Off --- campy, odd-ball, some sweet parts, sort of HEA

 Kinky Boots

 Kiss Me Guido

 Kiss The Bride

 La Mission

 Lan Yu

 Latter Days --- very cute, HEA

 Leather Jacket Love Story --- want to see but can't find online

 Leo's Room --- sweet, sort of HEA


 Long Term Relationship

 Longtime Companion --- HIV/Aids HEA of sorts, well made, similar to And The Band Played On

 Love! Valour! Compassion! --- funny, bittersweet, sad, beautiful

 Love of Siam --- very engrossing and sweet

 Love Songs


 Make the Yuletide Gay --- really cute holiday movie! HEA

 Making Love

 Mambo Italiano

 Mandragora --- cannot find with english subtitles

 Mango Souffle



 My Beautiful Launderette --- tried to watch it. didn't catch my attention

 My Own Private Idaho --- odd, no HEA

 Mysterious Skin --- disturbing story on coming to grips with being a sexually abused child, well made, very realistic

 Oh Happy Day --- a bit strange, but really cute, HEA 

 One To Another --- strangely disturbing, but not bad

 Paragraph 175 --- documentary, touching and heart-wrenching


 Parting Glances

 Patrik, 1.5 --- want to see but can't find online

 Philadelphia (1993)

 Plan B --- HEA

 Plata Quemada (Burnt Money)

 Poster Boy --- interesting story on politics and homosexuality, HEA of sorts

 Prayers for Bobby --- won't watch it, suicide and how a religious mother deals with it

 Prick Up Your Ears

 Presque Rien (Come Undone) --- cannot find with english subtitles

 Priest --- not bad but I'd have liked a happier ending

 Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

 Prodigal Sons --- disturbing and strange

 Quinceanera --- a mix of english and spanish with no subtitles, can't understand enough of it

 Rainbow Boys/Right By Me --- cannot find online or torrent!!


 Regarding Billy

 Relax... It's Just Sex --- funny, sad, serious, a bit of it all

 Rock Haven --- it's got its cute moments, but no HEA

 Role/Play --- cute, funny, HEA

 Save Me --- better than I expected, HEA

 Say Uncle

 Sebastian --- cannot find this one under this title, possibly the Adventures of Sebastian Cole, but not sure

 Seth et Holth


 Shelter --- sweet, HEA

 Shortbus --- beautiful, sad, funny, compelling, deep, exploratory, provocative, SO not what I expected!

 Sommersturm (Summerstorm) --- very sweet, sort of HEA

 Sordid Lives

 Stonewall (1995)

 Straight Jacket


 Strapped --- weird but not bad

 Struggle --- sad


 Sunday, Bloody Sunday

 Tan Lines --- I'm actually at a loss to describe this except... fucked up ending to the relationship!

 Taxi Zum Klo (Taxi To The Toilet) --- um... weird...

 That's What I Am --- more about tolerance than anything

 The Best Of Boys In Love --- strange... just strange...

 The Big Gay Musical --- musical part is hilarious and the rest is very real and sweet

 The Birdcage

 The Boys In The Band --- tried to watch it but too campy and silly for my taste

 The Broken Hearts Club --- sweet and funny

 The Bubble

 The Celluloid Closet (Documentary)

 The Crying Game --- sad, no HEA

 The Curiousity of Chance --- very cute, sweet, HEA

 The Hanging Garden

 The Houseboy --- no HEA shown, but leaves you hopeful for one

 The Line of Beauty

 The Man I Love --- want to see, but haven't found yet

 The Man Who Loved Yngve

 The Mostly Unfabulous Life Of Ethan Green --- very nice but a bit weird, HEA

 The Singing Forest

 The Sum of Us --- several sad parts, but overall a good movie, HEA of sorts

 The Trip

 The Wedding Banquet --- it was ok. HEA but still...

 The Wolves of Kromer --- rather cute, sort of sad, sort of weird, HEA in a strange way


 Times Have Been Better --- want to see, but cannot find with english subtitles

 Torch Song Trilogy

 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

 Trage Liefde

 Trick --- kind of campy, but cute, HEA

 Trio (three Michael J Saul shorts)

 True Love (group of short stories)

 Twist --- dark and sad

 Un Jour D'Ete (A Day In Summer)

 Velvet Goldmine --- not sure if it's a HEA or not, but still, very interesting

 War Stories

 Were The World Mine --- it was actually good! 


 Worried About The Boy --- about Boy George

 XXY --- didn't like it, no real resolution either good or bad

 You'll Get Over It --- very sweet, a coming out story with a HEA

 Yossi & Jagger --- interesting story, no HEA


 (I've watched all of these. If there's no comment afterwards, it was an ok film. Most I watched on Youtube, but some were on other sites like Alluc, Putlocker, Dailymotion, etc.)

 41 Seconds --- hilarious



 A Hundred and Eleven --- break up movie, but sweet

 Amor Crudo

 Basketball & Math --- kind of sweet

 Benny's Gym

 Boys Grammar --- kind of confusing

 Breakfast --- don't get it

 Café com Leite (Coffee with Milk)

 Chicken --- so sad

 Coffee --- funny and very cute!

 Connected --- don't get it

 Davy & Stu 

 Dear Friend


 Doorman --- sad and a bit cruel

 Doors Cut Down

 Fair Play --- sad

 Gabriel & Leo --- very cute and sweet!

 Heart --- confronting his ex about getting married



 Into The Night

 James --- so very sad

 Judas Kiss --- strange and rather depressing

 Kali Ma

 Late Summer --- sad but very poignant

 Lucky Blue

 Park Bench --- looks good, but sad

 Protect Me From What I Want --- sweet, hopeful

 Omar --- being outed, sweet

 Rock Bottom --- another kind of don't get it

 Running Without Sound

 Safe Journey

 Secrets --- rather sweet, HEA of sorts

 Silver Road

 Stand Up --- excellent short on the power of standing up against bullying


 Summer Blues --- sweet and a bit innocent

 Take Out --- kind of strange

 That Thing We Do

 The Burning Boy --- sad

 The Young Prime Minister 

 Thermopylae --- don't get it


 What Grown-Ups Know --- nothing happy

 Who We Are --- cute, HEA

 You Can't Curry Favor --- very romantic, HEA

 You, Me and Him

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